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For Skype lessons you need a laptop or desktop Computer, Mac, iPad or iPhone with a broadband Internet connection (and/or Wi-Fi) and a webcam (built-in or external) with microphone, headphones are recommended plus have good lighting in the room you are in

Skype is free to download and use

We have face to face video and audio sessions plus I can share my screen with you for demonstrations of the multiple online modules I have, send you lesson notes and materials such as Tabs through Skype and/or email so that you can view them during your lessons

Very easy to use system even for people who are not good with computers

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Video settings

Tool Options

Audio settings

Internet speed checker

You want a minimum of 1.5 upload and download speed


See images below for audio and video skype settings

Learn in the comfort of home

Guitar On Skype

All lessons are paid for in advance through Paypal