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Hi I’m Gerry

I have been playing guitar for over 45 years in many different countries around the world, and teaching guitar for over twenty years in Australia, New Zealand and the UK

Part of the method involves "finger mechanics" for both hands, I call this "Aerobics for the Digits," the "Art of Doing," "Practical Theory" and rule no.1 “The Ear is the Boss”

No you do not need to read music, my teaching focuses on the practical, actually playing the guitar, and any theory I teach is Practical Theory for example, understanding how chords, scales, modes work on the guitar etc... very easy to understand once taught in the right way.  I cover things such as finger picking, strumming, tablature, chords, scales, modes, open and altered tunings and much more...

I also have a lot of my own FREE on-line Modules and Resources to enable you to succeed


If you are interested in a speed system for learning guitar please feel free to contact me and we can arrange a booking

Gerry Guitar Teacher

I have taught - groups, one on one, children from ages 12 years upwards and adults, also adult night classes in colleges, day classes in colleges, beginners, intermediate and experienced players

Today skype lessons are a wonderful option and opportunity, and by using skype it is as if I am travelling  to you, so you can learn in the comfort of your own home and distance is no problem

I teach acoustic guitar and also specialise in finger picking and enabling students to progress quickly and understand how to help themselves to become good guitar players

My system of teaching has evolved from over four decades of playing experience, thus enabling an almost guaranteed high rate of success as has been proved time and again with hundreds of students, both children and adults aged 12 years upward

Learn in the comfort of home

Guitar On Skype

What Lessons Do You Want?

How can I help you? Are you a complete beginner?

No problem, I specialise in teaching people who have never played before and taking them to a high level of competence

You can have one off lessons or weekly lessons

Do you already play? Stuck in a rut? Want to improve?

I can find the areas that need work, weak links and progress you forward

You can have one off lessons or weekly lessons

Want to know how to find any chord, scale or mode?

Have a skype lesson and I can show you how to find these for yourself easily and almost instantly with virtually no effort

Understanding practical theory is really easy the way I teach it, it may sound complex but it is not

Want to know about open and altered tunings?

Have some skype lessons and we can start picking away in different tunings and I can show you how to find chords, scales and modes for altered and open tunings too

Open and altered tunings are a lot of fun

And of course enabling creativity, imagination and ability and more...

Such as playing solos, improvising, creating your own tunes, building a repertoire and more, plus you have access to a lot of my on-line modules too so you can help yourself even more

About me

Come on board and enable your creativity

My Key Focus is and has always been to enable and enhance creativity, empowering students to find the artistic talent in themselves, to unlock the musician within, a fun and wonderful journey of self discovery and achievement

Start your journey and book a lesson now

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